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Five changes you can make so buyers fall in love with your home


Waiting for a Buyer? The real estate market is competitive and as a home seller, you want your home to stand out from the other listings in your area. It’s possible to delight potential buyers without carrying out major renovations.

Here are five changes you can make so buyers fall in love with your home.

  1. Repaint your walls

    You need to freshen up the paint before you open your doors to home buyers. The interior of your home should be as neutral as possible. Neutral colors such as beige or grey will do a better job of showing off moldings and windows and give potential buyers a sense of coziness.  Avoid bright whites and splashy colors.

  2. Improve curb appeal

    Buyers will see the exterior of your home first, which is why you’ll need to improve your curb appeal. Some buyers will choose not to go inside your home when the exterior is not appealing. Keep your lawn well-maintained, touch up the paint, remove clutter and debris, and improve the landscape. Also, consider pressure washing your home’s exterior and driveway.

  3. Fix the little things

    Home buyers don’t want to see obvious displays of neglect. Walk around each room in your home and fix the little things that you may have overlooked. Fix the loose doorknob, cracked tiles, chipped banister, and that leaky faucet. The more repairs you make, the happier house hunters will be.

  4. Consider kitchen improvements

    The kitchen, for many individuals, is the heart of the home and can make or break a buyer’s opinion of it. House hunters love a kitchen that looks and feels clean, fresh, and refined. Spotless appliances and surfaces make a positive impression. Clean or repaint stained surfaces. Empty the trash often, keep your sink clean, and ensure that your kitchen is free of bad smells.

  5. Allow in natural light

    A house bathed in natural light will always wow and delight home shoppers. Make the most of your windows by using lightweight curtains that match the wall colors. Give your windows and screens a thorough cleaning to invite in as much sunlight as possible.

When the time is right, reach out to me and we’ll schedule a meeting to discuss selling your home.

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