Home Buyers HOA living: Is this lifestyle right for you?

HOA living: Is this lifestyle right for you?


What is the HOA lifestyle? Planned communities often come across as perfect when you compare them to traditional neighborhoods. Homeowners Associations are one reason for the dramatic difference. The 2016 Community Association Statistical Review documented 342,000 of these common-interest communities.

26.3 million planned home developments, condominium communities, and HOAs or similar community systems govern cooperatives. Residents agree to written guidelines and pay assessments to fund amenities and common maintenance expenses. It’s a popular concept but is HOA living right for you?

The Pros

  • The HOA enforce the rules.

    HOAs enforce community behavior, so you don’t have to become involved in neighborhood disputes. If your neighbor leaves a junker in the driveway, lights a bonfire, or makes too much noise, community management handles it.

  • You’ll have an attractive neighborhood.

    HOAs establish and manage community maintenance standards. Your fees pay for landscaping, maintenance, repairs, insurance, and amenities.

  • HOAs help protect property values.

    Residents must agree to community rules and guidelines. Failure to comply may lead to additional assessments or enforcement actions. This far-reaching ability to regulate resident behavior helps HOAs control the factors that lead to diminished property values.

  • You’ll have on-site recreation and other amenities.

    HOA communities may offer pools, golf courses, green spaces, and organized social activities. They help create a community to keep you active and involved.

The Cons 

  • You’ll have no control over the fees.

    If the HOA has a bad financial year with too many community projects and not enough cash, your fees may increase.

  • You’ll have to hold back your creativity.

    You’ll have to restrain your creative impulses. For community consistency, HOA guidelines usually restrict external paint colors and decor. That means no cerulean blue exteriors with fuschia trim.

  • You’ll have to go with the flow.

    Boards and/or management entities run HOAs. To provide input in their decisions, you must attend HOA meetings and stay involved. You may still have to go along with decisions you don’t like.

  • You’ll have to follow all the rules too.

    Everyone in an HOA-run community must follow the rules. That can mean anything from restraining your urge to party to complying with community remodeling guidelines.

HOA communities are a restrictive residential system, but they allow you to enjoy the perks of homeownership without the traditional hassles. You’ll have to decide if it’s a homeownership option that works for you. Give me a call if you’d like to learn more about HOAs or are ready to start your search for a new home.  I’ll be by your side through every step of the buying process to make certain you find the right home for you.

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